Baby Cobra

So last night before bed I decided to some Yoga for stress.  To relive some stress I have been feeling dealing some of me and my beloveds personal life.  Job loss, unemployment and me not being able to find a job after 10 months of looking.

So everything was going great.  I was moving smoothly throw the poses.  Which I felt really good about until I came to doing the cobra (Bhujangasana).

I realize that I don’t have the upper body strength I thought I had.  Which was disappointing.  But apparently laying in that position didn’t do my hips or my sciatic nerve justice, or at least I think that is what is causing the pain.  I have a doctors appointment on the 20th of this month so I will find out what is going on.

I am truly enjoying the body positive aspect of yoga.  Later I will have links to the amazing women who have created a world of Body Positive Yoga.

I am going to put some icy hot on my hip and take some Motrin. Hopefully it will ease up some. I might also do some gentle stretches to see if that also helps.



4 thoughts on “Baby Cobra”

  1. Yoga helps me greatly with stress – and can be quite humbling as well when I encounter something my body isn’t quite prepared for. Good for you for listening to your body 🙂

    1. Thank you. Humbling is definitely Yoga. I am a little worried about the pain since it is not acting like sciatic that I have experienced before but. I will take it easy and do modify poses until it is healed or I have more answers from my doctor.

  2. Poor thing I have pushed myself in yoga by not listening to my body. I have to be careful with the Instagram challenges because I tend to get excited mostly trying to get the picture. One of the ladies I follow says she gives it a few tries and moves on. I need to adopt her philosophy😊

    1. Oh I so need to adopt that philosophy as well. The cobra pose looks so easy. Actually a lot of the poses look so easy. Not really easy once you learn how you to get into and out of said poses and the amount of upper body strength you actually need to do the cobra pose.

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