What does it mean to have the perfect yoga body?

Something I struggle with daily regarding my body structure or my limitations my size has.

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Irene1I have always struggled with my body image. From yo-yo diets to self-destructive habits I had a hard time calling myself beautiful.

When I began practicing yoga I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself this journey would be hard. I don’t have an ideal yoga body. I have big thighs and short legs. My long torso makes me seem deceptively flexible, when really it’s just my proportions. But as I’ve traveled and taught to many different body shapes I’ve noticed that we all tell ourselves the same things. We choose to pick out our imperfections- where my legs are too short someone else’s too long.


And then it struck me. Why do I waste so much time reinforcing negativity in my life? I have this amazing body that is capable of incredible things.  Why is it so hard to see that? Yes my thighs are big, but…

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2 thoughts on “What does it mean to have the perfect yoga body?”

  1. Nice post, she’s so beautiful too. I guess its a reminder that no one us happy with their body, even when it more closely fits societies standards. It makes me sad, as the mother of a daughter and a woman. I have to admit I feel like we have become more shallow not less. Honestly this selfie craze is insane. The ability to instantly self edit really changes his we view ourselves and each other.

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