Research does the body Good

You know that old saying, If it sounds to good to be true, it normally is.

I have this friend. I shall call her X. X decided to have the weight loss surgery done. I believe she had the sleeve done. X has been very positive and realistic about her goals, or I thought she was being realistic.

X has become extremely excited with passion and fire over this product, that we shall call Devil in the Blue Dress.  She went today to one of their MEGA HUGE CONFIDENCE BUILDING PUMP YOU UP CONVENTIONS.  X has turned into a robot focusing only on what the number on the scale says. Instead of focusing on what her body is telling her.

The Devil in the Blue Dress is like the other products on the market with shakes as there biggest seller.  After doing some research online regarding the Devil, I come across quite a bit of information regarding their ingredients in their healthy shakes. The majority of them are preservatives that you truly truly want to stay away from.  Apparently the shakes are junk.

It takes 28 days for our brain to format new habits. What are we doing when we continue to keep putting junk in and expect a different outcome at the end of 90 days?

I truly wish X the best, but I think she is going to be extremely disappointed at the end of her 90 days and realize she has done more damage then good.

Long term effects outweigh short term accomplishments.  Losing weight and maintaining a healthy body on the inside and out, is not a quick process.  It takes time and preservation to stay on track and remembering the number on scale doesn’t always mean success,  nor should it rule your lifestyle change of eating healthy at any size.



2 thoughts on “Research does the body Good”

  1. The struggle, the struggle. I also think that weight falls under “perfection” which we women are trained to seek out at every opportunity. I hate the what you eat in the dark shows in the light meme’s. Seriously, I think there is missing a level of how bodies really look and function.

    1. Plus living your life by what the scale says.

      The numbers on the scale don’t tell you how healthy you are. Its just a number, but there are some folks who live and die by what that damn thing says.

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