The Laundry Mat Blues…..

Since our sewer line to the street is cranky and old, we’ve been doing our laundry at the good Ole safe and trustworthy laundromat.

Each visit there I am reminded about how my life as a black lesbian seems to threaten the very fabric of life of White Supremacy and Black men. .

Like today, me and beloved walked outside to my car. We passed a van that was parked next to my car. I notice a cute little dog in the front seat. I tell beloved and she looks. Out of nowhere the car locks sound and the alarm is armed.  We get into my car to wait for our clothes to dry, out comes the dad walking frantically to the car gets in and checks things out, pets the dog.  See that nothing is out of place goes back in.

We were in my car for maybe 20-30 minutes. Every 5 minutes one of the kids would come to the car to get something. Looking at me with disgust. All I did was stare back watching them all the while shaking my head. We go back in to check on our clothes, take them out of dryers, fold them and put ones that were still wet back in the dryer. We were in there for another 45 minutes doing that. Not once did they go back out to check things in the van.  When we were leaving, the whole checking the van thing happen again until we left.

Apparently me being that close to there van made them uncomfortable,  like I might steal something. Please get over it fuckers!

The other incident happen with the black gentleman,  who once realize that me and beloved were together. Preceded to tell me I didn’t try harder enough to find the right man to please me. He was pretty sure his equipment would be able to do the job. I promptly told him to stick in a blender and fuck off.

I’m totally over this day.


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