Really, when I am serious

So I am following this person on FB and Instagram plus size women losing weight gaining confidence.  Talks really big about helping each other.  Then sends these emails stating how much everything would cost and I am like Whoa Nelly that is expensive.  I say as much in the email stating um, yeah ridiculous pricing not able to squeeze that much from the budget that is already shoestring tight.  I get  the response:  When you are actually serious and ready to get healthy email me.

Me: Um I am serious and ready.  But money wise not able to commit to something like that.  Sorry that is my gas and light bill, groceries for the week and/or gas for the cars.

She posted something on her page that again I found problematic: “If you are not willing to invest in your health at this time, this group would not be the right fit.”  I highlighted what I have a issue with.

Investing in my health doesn’t have to be monetary.  But it seems like that it all you seem to be focus on.  DON’T offer free coaching and groups and then say it will cost $150 a month to get all of that “FREE” stuff you mention.  FUCK that!  

Someone made a comment under her post stating that some folks don’t have that type of money to do spend on stuff like this.  Doesn’t  mean they are not invested in getting healthy. I remember liking the comment.  Comment disappeared from the page.

I am beginning to think you are part of the problem in the Bad Diet Industry.  You were once a heavy plus size women you have lost weight and now seem IMHO preying on other plus size women.  Now this is my opinion and my opinion only.  Which is why I won’t name her or the company she represents.  This is just what I see and can’t prove a damn thing.  Gut feeling doesn’t count as  proof.

I just wanted to vent.  Plus size women already issue with being taken advantage of without someone who was once one of us, doing the same.

I just can’t deal with shit like that….




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