Getting back on task 2015 edition lol

I need to regain myself this year.

I started practicing yoga in august was doing great. I finally get a job and my practice went so far out the window it wasn’t funny. :o:o:o:o:|:|

It was very hard to basically doing anything after work. I was drained and I had to rush and get everything done before jump in bed and start the day all over again.

So now that I am on my normal schedule of working  12 hours Fri, Sat and Sun. I should be able to get back into my groove.

Sidebar: can I tell you love love my job. I love the people I work for. Yes it is a faith based hospital but the amount of genuinely happy people who are willing to help you reach your goal :mind boggling:  Now I am sure I am using a very critical lense on my new employer. Given the fact that last employer was such a toxic environment, I was saying thank you for running me over with the bus I just cleaned and put gas in.

So how should I set my goals so that they are not overwhelming?
What ways have worked for you in keeping you on task??


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