Like friends who haven’t talked in a while

I know I haven’t posted on here in a long time.  Which I am not sure what happen.  Maybe the new job adjusting to working midnights.  Learning all the new things I need to learn and still trying to find time to spend with my beloved.

Lots of things have been buzzing through my brain at night not letting me sleep.  The ups and downs of our relationship.  The money problems, we are always sitting on the edge of being broke and paying our bills late.  But that is part of being in any relationship.  Managing our time and our money is really tough.  There are times when I wished I was a kid again and didn’t have to worry about all this adult stuff.  But that is not the real world.

The excitement was unreal, almost as if I was living in a dream.  We hand fasted in a UU church 13 years ago on New Year’s Eve.  This past June 26, 2015 the SCOTUS finally stated the ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional we were finally able to make if all official.  Two months later it happens, it was such an exciting moment in our life.   Now a month later we are settling in to our normal daily routine of just being us.  Money is still tight but in the end we have each other and that is extremely important.


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