Moments in our Life

There are moments in our lives, where we at times feel helpless when horrible, horrible things happen to innocent people.   Current events the media is focusing on in Paris, while seemingly ignoring the terrorist activities happen here at home.   Black and Brown college students being terrorize on campus for having the gall to speak out against the rampant racial disparities and violence against them.  I really want to say us.  Because they are us, they are our younger generation that is fighting for equal rights inside the Ivory White Tower of Higher Education.

I have moments of wanting to go into my battle mode spiritual and call all of my big guns I have by my side, to do what I can’t do physically.  In some of the moments I feel like Galadriel from LOTR when Frodo offers her the ring.

“And now at last it comes. You will give me the Ring freely! In place of the Dark Lord you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth, All shall love me and despair!”

In that moment I would have the power to right the wrongs restored balance and wipe out the racist, the homophobic assholes, transphobic slugs, the sexist and misogynist parasites.  Basically bring white supremacy to its knees before me. Right the wrongs of my ancestors and yours. Send healing back through that line for them to see we have corrected the atrocities that happen to them. That they didn’t die in vain. That we have prevail and conquered our oppressors.
In my mind I will see that as a balance swinging back the pendulum to the center. For I believe it has swung too towards intolerance and I am the person to bring it back.

Now that is a lot of power for one person to have.  Power can be a great thing if used correctly.  But the old saying is true absolute power can corrupt.  Somewhere in my wielding of this great massive power I would somehow turn into the very thing I was trying to get rid of.  I would somehow lose my humanness and become this person who would destroy and devastate the world with my fury which would be righteous and swift.  But at that moment I would become unrecognizable and someone would have to rise up and stop me from doing more harm than good.  Because even though my intentions would be for the greater good, if by me using this power I take away people’s free will and choices. How am I any different than those I am trying to destroy, how would they learn that racism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, misogyny is wrong?

What would happen is folks will rise up and to stop what they would consider tyranny created by me.  They would feel their way of life being threatened.  When back into a corner they will do anything and everything to keep them in that seat of power.  The Holy Altar of White Supremacy runs deep in not only this country but in other Western countries, whose sole power rest on keeping the rest of us out of any position of power, keeping us away from the very resources they have stolen from us, that would help balance the world out. But WAIT! That is exactly what is happening right now.  Racism is not having its last gasping breath of death throes; White Supremacy is digging its heels in and doubling down on it.  It is daring us to try laughably to take them down.  They know they have all the power, they know they can keep dividing us to fight each other, while they laugh and laugh at us.  We HAVE the power to this without any divine assistance.  We have the knowledge, the buying power and all of our ancestors at our back to help push us forward.  Our history has the answers we just have to stop and look and remember.  Everyone, who has fought before us left clues on how to do these things, the tactics they are using against us are the same tired tactics they used before, we just need to rewrite the playbook and keep it moving.

Will there be setbacks? Yes! Will there be breakthroughs? Yes! Will we finally win this freaking battle? Hell yes we will.  But we can only do it together and not let them pit us against each other.


May the new day bring you blessings…


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