Early morning silence

It is early Wednesday morning around 2:30 am EST as I write this.

I have the TV on mute to block out the chatter coming from MSNBC; there has been a new development in France.

But my mind wanders to Nigeria where there was another explosion that killed 32 people, while they were shopping.  I don’t know how many mothers; fathers or even children were killed.  I just know there life ended today because of terrorism within their country.  The government failed to protect them.  The people they served they didn’t protect.  All of those dreams lost in an instance when some coward fucker decided to not only take his/her life (not sure if the bomber died) but to take innocent victims with them. 

My mind also wanders to another young black man who was shot in the head while in police custody.   He is currently as of this blog post on life support. The government has failed this family also. The police who are there to serve and to protect failed to do so with him.  His life mattered.   He had dreams and aspirations.  Will he actually have that chance to achieve them now? It all depends of whether or not he survives.  Even if he does survive this shooting, his life will be forever changed.  We will never know what he was going to do before this senseless shooting took place.  I send my prayers to him and his family and friends for support. 

I worry about the current generation that is in college (Missouri, Howard, Berkeley, and Yale there are a few others as well) fighting for change to occur.  All the while their lives are being threatened and not being taken seriously. 

It is a daily struggle to go out in this world, and to be look on as less then because of the color of your skin.  Before we even speak we have been judged entirely on our skin color.  This even happens before we are even seen.  When we apply to jobs online, if our names sound to ethnic, we may never get that called back.  Regardless if we are qualified to do the job.  They instantly know that they are not dealing with a white person.

But somehow folks seem to think we get all this cash in grants and loans to magically go to school with no hurdles to jump over.  The affirmative action was successful in getting us in.  We still have to fight and prove each day we belonged there.  We had/have to fight to stay there.  We had to deal with the struggles of micro aggression in classrooms.  We have had respectability politics thrown in our faces.  If we dress this way, wear our hair this way and talk this way; we will appear serious enough to be taken serious enough.  Even though we know we won’t be taken seriously.  Both Martin and Malcolm were assassinated in their Sunday’s best. 

There is a storm brewing. I can feel it, it will be a very nasty storm and the outcome is still murky.  But something has to give.   We can’t continue living this way.  We just can’t.


Blessings of the new day…..


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