White Tears are falling

So this rolled down my timeline on FB.  It is just a snippet of what was posted.

“Please go back to posting adorable pics of your kids and pets and what you had for dinner!’

This screams of “don’t make me feel uncomfortable about living in my bubble” I don’t want to hear about folk’s opinion that doesn’t make me feel like a good person.

Such a privilege position you happen to sit in.  Dictating to me or anyone else what they should post on THEIR FB feed so you don’t feel guilty about not caring about what is happening in their world.  You only want to hear/see about their adorable kids and pet photos and what you had for dinner.  Fuck that shit.

So not to offend you or to upset your delicate sensibilities (white privilege much), I should only post things that make you happy.  I shouldn’t actually post things that are important in my life, unless it only adorable kids, pets or things I had for dinner photos.

I get it, you only want the happy, full of joy, full of life, and nothing bad ever happens post.  Unfortunately we don’t all get to live in that world you have built up in your head.

I get that you, don’t understand that by me walking out my door I am instantly hit with micro aggression.  I am judged simply for the color of my skin.  You live in a world that caters to you.

I guess you never even thought how that particular post would make me feel.  Of course you didn’t, because what you feel is more important.  It is very simple to control what you see on your timeline without dictating that we should post nothing but adorable kid/pets photos and our amazing dinner creations.  You can hide post very easily.  You do have control over what you see in your timeline.  I know I do, we do use the same FB.

What I won’t do is change how I post.  I will continue to post things that I feel is important to me.  You can choose not to see them; you can choose not to comment on them.  You can simply sail on by like a ship passing in the night.  Never knowing what it is like, to walk a day in my shoes.

You can also continue pretending we live in a world of rainbows, unicorns, puppy kisses and sunshine with glitter falling out of the sky.  But for me I am going to continue living in the actual real world were puppy kisses and sunshine glittered clouds don’t always make the day better.

I am using my voice to shed light on things that are happening and continuing to happen.

Maybe it is time for me to reevaluate my friends list.  Maybe it is time for me to actually unfriend people who can’t see the humanity in me.


You may not have actually said those exact words. But…. to me it was implied.


May the new day bring you wonderful blessings….


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