When you have mutual friends in common…

This year has been turbulent, fraught with pitfalls and finding out your FAVS can be problematic  is disturbing. Even more disturbing is them not recognizing they are flawed and problematic.

With each thread that appeared whether they knew it or not lines were being haphazardly drawn.  The fall out was interesting to watch. Folk who we thought were true blue had flaws that either we didn’t notice before or they were really good at hiding them. Some of those flaws were not easily forgiven or forgotten.

Black Girl Magic is not perfect.  That would be unrealistic to be perfect.  To be honest I don’t want to be perfect.  That means I have stop growing, I have stop learning.  If you are not learning and growing you are stagnant and that is just gross.  Hell I have issues, I still fuck up my peoples pronouns, I still have some unpacking to do with my issues dealing with my mom and dad.  I need to flesh this out some more.  But I will let this stand as is.



So, Yeah it’s December again..

Hey my long lost friend,

It’s December again, and I haven’t post really that much this year.  Mostly to do with working a lot of hours and not have enough energy to write about anything.  Not saying I didn’t have plenty of topics to choose from this year.  My brain is literally exploding with ideas but, not having enough spoons to do it.  I literally at this point work, go home sleep, eat, kiss my wife, shower and off to work again.  Times are a little tough right now.

But I do want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  I hope everyone’s holiday was fabulous and was spent with people who love and cherish all of you.  For those who were not able to be around family that sees them as a whole person you have my love and I SEE YOU.  You are enough and that is okay.

With warm Black Girl Magic love

Me *wink*