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Happy New Year

6 days late.. LOL

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holidays.  Mine was low key which is so much appreciated.  I had to work the midnight shift on xmas day, which was fine by me.  It was a really quiet night.  Actually the whole weekend was really quiet.  

I enjoy working the weekends especially the midnight shift.  It is a lot less hectic, as in lots of co workers running around doing nothing.  We still are busy with patients coming in through the emergency room.  

It gives me time to do my job and during downtimes, I can plan out what I need to do during the week I am off.  Or at least that is normally my plan to do.

That is something I will start doing this year.  Setting up my to do list for the days that I am off and cross them off.  Some projects may be long term, ie decluttering is a long term project.  Deciding on what I truly need to keep and what I need to get rid of.  My wife office I am declaring a federal disaster area! May be I can get federal monies to help clean it up LOL! 

My office is just right now a dumping ground for things that need to be put in place.  That just haven’t made it to their spot.

One thing I do need to do is go through my books and whittle them down to what series I love and will re read and those that can be donated to the book exchange and our little pagan shop for their lending library.  I have a ton of pagan books that I bought years ago, because that is what you do when starting out, you buy everything to find out where your interest lies.

Now that I have somewhat hone in on my own spiritual path, a lot of the books I don’t need nor am I interested in.  So some lucky newbie will be able to read without wasting money on books that are not to their liking. 

The internet has made a little bit easy to find information, but it also has made it difficult to find the correct information.  A lot of misinformation is available to.  But that is the fun part of research, finding information and checking the facts to make sure they are correct and feel right to you.

One thing I can not stress enough, listen to your gut.  If something feels off or it doesn’t set well with you, step away. There is probably a really good reason why your alarm is going off.  

There are a lot of good people in the pagan community and there are a lot of predators out there just waiting for new people to take advantage of.  

There are so many covens, groves, circles, groups that operate above and beyond doing the good, without taking advantage of people seeking information.  But there are also lots of covens, groves, circles, groups who operate based on manipulation in all forms.  Be wary of everyone until you feel comfortable.  You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, nor do you have to do anything that violates your space or ethics and morals you have set up for yourself. 

If any elder, high priestess or high priest tells you, in order to be a part of their space you have to have sex with them regardless if you consent or not, RUN for the hills and if possible report them.  

Thankfully I haven’t had that experience, but I have heard horror stories about other people who were in that situation.  

Hopefully today is a good for you all.  I wish 2016 to be the year you want it to be.  May all your dreams come true and you find what you are truly looking for. 





Today is a good day

So two weeks ago I had an interview.  Two days after that, I was called back to do a 2nd interview this time with the people I would be working with peer-to-peer I believe they are called. I had that interview a week ago exactly today.  I received a phone call just a little over two hours ago.

I got the JOB!!  They offered me the position.  I go in on Monday to finish up paperwork and do the drug screen (they won’t find anything) and sign paperwork.  My official start date is Nov 3, which is fitting since my birthday is on Halloween/Samhain, I have given myself a very nice birthday present.

Such a huge sigh of relief.  To be actually able to pay bills on time and not have to worry about what else we may need to cut to stay above the wave.

So I begin again on this new path….


Bright New Day

I open my eyes

I breathe in new

I feel the restorative power

Of a Bright New Day

I am the vehicle of Change

I am only responsible for what I do

I can only change myself

I can not expect others to do that for me

The past me hangs closely to me

Not really wanting to let go

Part of me want it to stay

But I know we can’t go on this path together

She has to go

So I can have a Bright New Day

My Journey Begins

After much enter discussion with myself (and my BFF), I have decided to start writing a blog to document my feelings on my personal spiritual, physical and mental journey of a happier me. I am not sure where this will take me, but let’s see where it goes.

This morning I called my grandmother to see how she was doing. Conversation went like this:

Me: Hi Grams

Grams:  I can barely hear you.  Sound all muffled.

Me: Oh that is my fault the microphone for my head set fell under my chin when I bent over.

Grams: Well you need to learn to move all of your chins out of the way.

Me: >_<

This is how our conversations tend to go most of the time.  Somewhere in our hours of conversation either me at her house, or on the phone, she somehow manages to throw a degrading comment in about my weight.

Another time:

Me: relationships are hard

Grams: well if you lost some weight you could actually find a good man.  I guess some guy would take you looking as heavy as you are.

Me: O_o   >_<

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